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Continuing Legal Education

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General, 3.0; Certification, 3.0, Appellate Practice, Criminal Appellate Law. Course Level: Intermediate

5534 Navigating Your First Appeal

Presented October 1, 2021

This course serves as a guide for attorneys who are either new to appellate practice or who find their fundamentals could use some freshening up. It covers the progression of the average appeal, beginning with initiation, assembly of the record, and basic motion practice; the hard work of analyzing the record and writing your first appellate brief; and successfully and effectively presenting your first appellate oral argument. It closes with reflection by experienced appellate practitioners on things an attorney should be particularly wary.

Presented by The Appellate Practice and Government Lawyer sections of The Florida Bar


General, 3.0; Certification, 3.0, Appellate Practice, Criminal Appellate Law, Criminal Trial Law, Juvenile Law, and State and Federal Government and Administrative Practice.

4970 Restorative Justice in Criminal Practice

Recorded June 25, 2021

Through very personal case study, and frank discussion, some of the country's foremost scholars, judges, and practitioners will define the concept of restorative justice, explore its theory and origins, and discuss various models and the practical application of restorative justice practices in our criminal justice system. 

Presented by The Florida Bar Alternative Dispute Resolution, Criminal Law, and Government Lawyer sections, and the Florida Restorative Justice Association

Breaking Down Bias Barriers to Promote Diversity & Inclusion

Presented March 30, 2021

This one-hour webinar features Arnell Willis-Bryant, Diversity Initiatives manager at The Florida Bar, and Winifred Acosta, assistant U.S. Attorney for the Northern District Court of Florida.

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