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2024 Robert Butterworth Scholarship Winner

It is with great pleasure that the Section announces the 2024 Robert Butterworth Public Service Scholarship Winner, Rocio Iglesias Gonzalez.

Rocio is a rising 3L at St. Thomas University Law School. She was select for her solid academic performance putting her in the top 5% of her class, maintaining a 3.6 GPA, and sitting as the current Executive Online Editor of the STU Law Review.   

She has a demonstrated interest in public service, completing two judicial internships, one in State Court and the other in Federal Court.  Her year-long internship in Federal Court sparked her interest in litigation, and she wants to work as an Assistant United States Attorney. 

The most compelling thing about Rocio, however, is her story.  She was born in Cuba, and her family immigrated to the US after her father was arrested without cause.  Her father owned a diving shop when the government decided to make it illegal to operate such a business.  Even though her father ceased operation, he was quickly arrested, and the government seized his business and all its assets.  Watching her father go through this ordeal without any meaningful due process, solidified her dedication to the rule of law and is now driving her ambition to be a prosecutor.   

Congratulations, Rocio!

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