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2016 Distinguished Service Award Winner: Tina Furlow

Tina Furlow
Tina Furlow

Tina Furlow received the Bachelor of Arts in sociology and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Florida. She was admitted to the Florida Bar in 1978. Ms. Furlow has been certified by the Florida Bar in State and Federal Government and Administrative Practice since 2008.

Ms. Furlow began her career as a government attorney with the Florida Real Estate Commission and then joined the Department of Professional Regulation as a prosecutor in license disciplinary actions for several professional boards. For the past 33 years she has been employed by the Florida Office of the Attorney General in the Division of Consumer Protection, serving under six Attorneys General.

She currently serves as Assistant Bureau Chief of the North Florida region in Tallahassee. Ms. Furlow has represented the Office of the Attorney General in the investigation and litigation of unfair and deceptive trade practice cases in the publishing, hotel and tourism, and telecommunications industries and in online and digital marketing.


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